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How To Install An Instant Hot Water Heater In Broward FL

 instant hot water heater in Key Biscayne FLThe tankless water heater is continuously gaining popularity among home and business owners alike. Because of its capability to provide hot water in an instant without consuming too much electricity or gas, this heating system is gradually becoming the better choice. If you are interested in installing one for your home, follow these simple steps.

1. Make sure that you have a vent ready for the water heater. The vent pipe should be extended outside and must also be run downward to avoid contact between the heater and elements such as rain water or snow. Guarantee that your vent installation meets building code requirements. Also verify if the model you’re setting up needs another pipe for fresh air. Some of them do.

2. When your vent pipe has already been installed, mount your instant hot water heater. If you’re going to mount it up in concrete or brick walls, you’ll have to use wooden beams to support the appliance. Once you’ve already placed the joist, attach a backboard for the water heater.

3. Line the heating unit up and screw it in place. Make sure that it’s in perfect alignment with the vent pipe.

4. Attach the water supply lines which will be responsible in providing water to the heater. If you’ll use copper pipes, make sure that you’ll clean both ends with an emery cloth. Apply soldering flux at one end of the pipe and insert it into the fitting.

5. Torch the fitting for about ten seconds. If the metal’s already hot, apply the solder. Do the same thing on both sides.

6. If you’re installing a gas water heater, you’ll need to have a T-valve installed to a gas line. Once that is set up properly, it must be run from the gas valve to the heating unit. Note that there should also be a shut off valve attached to the gas line before it is connected to the sediment trap. When you’re done with this step, check for gas leaks. If there aren’t any, turn the water heater on and verify that you’re already getting hot water from your taps.

I hope that you learned how easy it is to install an instant hot water heater in Broward FL. To ensure that your heating system lives long, also read about tankless hot water heater maintenance. And if you need help with its installation or repair, just call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282!

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