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How To Become A Trainee Plumber In Key Biscayne FL

trainee plumber in Key Biscayne FLHave you ever thought about having a career in plumbing? Well, it is surely a job that pays well and at the same time, very fulfilling. Why? Well a lot of plumbers I know take pride of how their customers thank them whenever they resolve plumbing issues. It may not be as heroic as trying to rescue a person from a burning building but hey, receiving compliments and kind words from clients will make anyone feel happy. Now you have to remember though that the journey to being a certified, licensed plumber is not so easy after all. You’ll have to take courses and also undergo trainings for you to be able to practice your skills then finally take the long-awaited examination. But you might ask me what do trainee plumbers actually do? Read this news article that details the life of a plumbing apprentice!

What Does A Plumbing Apprentice Do?

THE LIFE OF a plumbing apprentice is split between on-the-job training and classroom work during the four-year program. Brian Whitehead, 18, entering his second year this month, is in school two evenings a week from September to May, and on the job for 40 to 55 hours a week at Jim Steinle’s Atomic Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Virginia Beach, Va. On the job, Whitehead rides with one of Steinle’s mechanics everyday.

“The mechanics here are great, and I treat them as if they are my boss,” Whitehead says. “Most of them are really good at teaching. They want to see if I really listened to what they had to say.”

Reading the trainee’s life, are you still up for it? If you are, then you should really condition your mind into completing the apprenticeship. There’s no sense in even finding a place to intern if you won’t stick to the end. Most people who are not that determined find apprenticeship a bit stressful and difficult and that’s why they quit. I hope you’re not one of them though. Anyway, if you are looking for places to become a trainee, here’s quick guide to help you out!

How to Get a Plumbing Apprenticeship

Individuals who want a career in plumbing will get the required education and experience by becoming a plumbing apprentice. An apprentice learns the plumbing trade by working with a licensed plumber or registered organization such as a union or a school. An apprenticeship involves classroom learning and on the job experience. Get a plumbing apprenticeship by joining a union or a trade school, or by working directly with a master plumber while taking classes.

Graduate from high school. To become a plumber’s apprentice, you will need a minimum of a high school diploma. Obtain a GED if you did not graduate from high school. Begin an apprenticeship when you turn 18 years of age. Some states will allow plumber’s apprentices to be as young as 17 as long as they have completed high school. Check with your local plumbers union on the age regulations in your area.

I hope that you learned the ins and outs of being a trainee plumber in Key Biscayne FL. If you are trying to start a career in plumbing, read my other articles to learn and practice your skills. You can get some tips on water heater troubleshooting, find out how to install a garbage disposal or acquire a DIY guide for fixing a toilet leaking at the base. And if you need assistance from the best plumbers in town, just call the most trustworthy Key Biscayne plumbing company in FL! You can reach Douglas Orr Plumbing at 1-800-DOUG-ORR!

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