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A Handbook On Bathtub Plumbing In Boynton Beach FL

bathtub plumbing in Boynton Beach FLWhat’s your most favorite part in your bathroom? If you’ll ask me, I love the tub most! It provides a great deal of comfort whenever I take a relaxing bath! In fact, I spend an hour a day just lying down there, listening to music and rejuvenating in warm, aromatic bath. Definitely takes all the stresses of the day away! However, just the tub is used every day, its parts gradually deteriorate too. The tub may get chipped off. The faucet may start to get rusty and leak. The faucet knobs may suddenly get stuck. And so what will happen to your — err I mean “my” — me-time? To prepare for such plumbing problems, it will be very advantageous to know DIY plumbing. And that’s what I want to impart with you today. Read this article first to find out how your bathtub works!


Bathtub dimensions can vary. Before you buy, check the dimensions of a new tub so that it will fit in the same spot as the old one. Another consideration with very large tubs is whether you will be able to maneuver it through your home to the bathroom. Room to work is also important — especially in smaller bathrooms. It will sometimes be necessary to remove the other bathroom fixtures in order to remove an old bathtub and install a new one. Connecting the water supply to a bath is much the same as for a basin. The main difference when installing a bath is that it may be large and heavy, and access to the plumbing can be difficult.

If you read the article completely, you should now be quite familiar about the parts of the tub and how it actually works. Generally speaking, it consists of a faucet, gasket, retaining nut, overflow pipe, flexible connector, hot and cold water supply, waste outlet, trap and a drain. Knowing all these parts and having the skill to repair and replace them will save you not only a lot of money but also time. And with that said, let me share another online resource with you!

How to Remove, Repair or Replace a Bathtub

Bathtubs and showers sustain heavy use and are frequently scoured, so it’s not surprising they eventually need to be replaced. This section shows how to remove an old tub and install a new one, as well as how to install a tub or shower enclosure.

Some inspectors don’t require an inspection for fixture replacements. As long as no new drain or supply pipes are to be installed, no permit will be required. But check with your building department; this is a major job. It’s to your benefit to have an inspector sign off on it. If you are running new lines for a shower, be sure to schedule inspections.

Replacing a tub or installing a shower is a remodeling project, involving not only plumbing but also carpentry, wall repair, and perhaps tiling. Count the cost and prepare for all aspects of the job. Allow yourself plenty of time. Just patching and painting a wall can take several days.

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