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How To Dissolve Grease In Drain Pipe In Coral Gables FL

Plumber Teaching Apprentice To Fix Kitchen Sink In HomeAside from hair, food particles, and other debris, did you know that grease buildup is also a major cause for clogged drains? That’s right, the greasy, fatty residue from your dirty dishes tend to accumulate and solidify in your drains. What happens next? A drain that can no longer funnel liquid, sink backups, and all that smelly, dirty business. The common drain cleaners you use for unclogging and dissolving hair won’t cut it either.

Before you take any steps, it’s important to find out which drain cleaners are suitable for your kitchen and pipes. Remember, these are harsh chemicals you’re dealing with and you don’t want to cause more problems in the long run. Read up and consult professionals at your local hardware store for cleaners that won’t damage your pipes and your fixtures.

But first, how does it happen? What can we do to prevent grease from building up in our drains?

Here’s The Terrible Thing That Happens When You Pour Grease Down The Drain

The fats in the grease and oil from your kitchen mix with the other chemicals in the sewers and form nasty conglomerations of chemicals that can build up and block the pipes that take our dirty water to the wastewater treatment plant.

According to a recent review of the subject, these fat and oil buildups caused about 47% of the up to 36,000 sewer overflows that happen annually in the U.S.

Here’s how that goes down.

As you can see, grease buildup isn’t just something that threatens to wreck havoc in your kitchen pipes. Accumulated grease is also a big problem for main sewage systems. This often-overlooked threat is a major concern for everyone. Proper disposal of greasy waste is an important thing for everyone to learn.

Prevention is a hundred times better than the cure. To avoid having dangerous buildup in your system, try disposing of oil the same way you dispose of solid trash. After cooking a heavily fried or fatty meal, dump the oil in a jar or pan and allow it to solidify then dispose as you would of solid trash. Remember, you need to watch what goes down in your drain to stop other things from going back up.

Now that you’re aware of the dangers of having grease down your drains, it’s time to see what you can do about it.

Ways to Deal with Grease in Your Drain

Drain grease can be a big problem in your home. As grease accumulates inside your drain, the water passage can constrict causing liquid to overflow from your sink. Once this happen, things can get very messy and smelly inside your kitchen. To remove grease from your drain and save your home from water damage, here are some tips for you.

Now that you know how to how to dissolve grease in drain pipe in Coral Gables FL. Learn how to keep kitchen sink drain pipes clean. For other concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Plumbers 911 Florida. You can reach them at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL).

Here’s a handy video to help walk you through dealing with a grease clog:

A Modesto Plumber’s Guide On Toilet Replacement

Modesto plumberDo you want a new toilet that has a better flush mechanism? Is your current ceramic throne worn out? Does it have cracks on it? Won’t it flush anymore? Is it no longer pleasing to the eyes? It really doesn’t matter whether you want to replace your toilet for aesthetic or functional reasons. It is your privilege as homeowner to decide on improvement projects to make your home even more comfortable for you and your loved ones. So if you are planning on getting rid of your current john, let us share with you this easy guide on toilet replacement!

Tools & Materials

* new toilet bowl

* rags

* plunger

* adjustable wrench

* hacksaw

* putty knife

* wax seal

* slip-joint pliers

* rubber gloves

* sponge


1. Gather your materials. Make sure that you’ll wear rubber gloves to protect your hands

2. Turn off the water supply. Flush the toilet to remove the water that’s left in the system. There will still be a little left inside the bowl so you’ll have to use the plunger to flush it down the drain. Meanwhile, use a bucket and sponge to remove excess water inside the tank. Once done, you’ll have to disconnect the supply line from the base of the toilet tank.

3. Detach the toilet by unscrewing the nuts that connect it to the water supply line. Remove the caps and nuts found on the base of the toilet which are responsible for securing it to the floor. If they’re rusty and won’t let go, cut them off using the hacksaw.

4. Using your putty knife, pry up the throne and get rid of the wax seal that was used to keep it in place. Rock the toilet to loosen it up. Lift it away and place it on some rags. Get rid of the wax gasket and block the drain with another rag to avoid letting the sewer gas seep out.

5. Attach a new wax gasket for the new toilet. Make sure that the flange is still in good condition and that it is secured in place. It’s supposed to connect to a collar that will go through the floor.

6. Replace the wax ring. Doing so will seal the connection and prevent sewer gas from escaping out of the drain.

7. Apply caulk on the base of the new bowl and then remove the rag from the drain opening. Place the new toilet in position, allowing it to sit on top of the flange. Press down. Some even sit on the toilet to squeeze it tightly in place.

8. Tighten the nuts and caps but never overdo it as it may crack the toilet. Insert the tank bolts and gently position the tank over the bowl. Secure the nuts and caps and verify that the tank is level. If it is, put the lid on.

9. Connect the water supply line and tighten the compression valve. Once done, turn the valve on and let the tank fill. At this time, you might want to apply caulk along the edges of the new toilet to make it look pleasing to the eyes. Smoothen it out. You might want to wait a day before you use the new toilet. Test it and if something doesn’t work as it is supposed to, seek the help of a professional plumber.

We hope that this guide is helpful enough to assist you in replacing your toilet. Should you need help with any plumbing issues at home, just hire the most reputed Modesto plumber in Stanislaus County! Plumbers 911 California provides exemplary Modesto plumbing services in CA including toilet repair, plumbing fixture installation, drain line inspection and many more! Call us at 800-731-1139 and we’ll send out our crew immediately!

Having trouble with your clogged toilet? Learn how to use the plunger properly! Watch this video now!

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Your Stockton Plumber Talks About Backflow Prevention Devices & Their Importance

Stockton plumberHave you ever experienced getting contaminated water from your taps at home? Have any of your loved ones gotten sick because of bacteria ingestion from your drinking water? If your answer to these questions is “no”, then you must read on and learn all about backflow and its prevention.

What is a backflow?

A backflow is the detrimental reversal of the flow of liquid, solid or gaseous substances from its intended direction which is away from your supply of drinking water. For instance, a backflow happens when wastewater that’s supposed to go to your septic tank or to the sewer system flows into the pipes of your home’s potable water. And this isn’t something to disregard rather a serious problem to attend to right away. Why? Well, a backflow causes water contamination which is not only inconvenient to begin with but also entails health problems. If you aren’t aware that the water you use for cooking and for drinking is already contaminated, you or your loved ones at home may ingest bacteria that can cause diseases. And again, it’s annoying because you won’t be able to use the smelly, yellowish — or sometimes black — water when taking a bath, brushing your teeth or even washing your dishes.

What is a backflow preventer?

Now the good news is, there are backflow prevention devices that can be installed in plumbing systems. A backflow preventer is simply a device that’s designed to safeguard potable water supplies from contamination that results from backflows.

Why is it important to have one installed in your home?

As you may know, a backflow occurs mainly because of cross-connections within your plumbing system. A cross-connection is any potential or actual link between a water supply system and a wastewater system. Such include pipes, valves and even fixtures. The thing is, cross-connections are integral parts of plumbing systems whether residential, commercial or industrial. These connections function properly through air gaps in the system or through backflow preventers. That said, whenever something goes wrong such as an abrupt loss of water, or the pressure drops, a pipe bursts or freezes or even an unusual high demand of water arises, your plumbing system ends up at risk of a possible backflow.

But, if you have a reliable prevention device installed, you won’t have to worry at all. It will ensure that the wastewater from your drain lines will flow as it should be instead of getting into your potable water lines.

We hope that you learned a lot from our blog post for today! Should you need help with backflow device installation, don’t hesitate to call the best and the most trustworthy Stockton plumber in San Joaquin County! That’s us, Plumbers 911 California! We deliver affordable, flawless and excellent Stockton CA plumbing services including commercial drain cleaning, drain line inspection, pipe repair, plumbing installation and many more! Call us at 800-731-1139 so we can assist you!

Want to learn more about backflow prevention? Watch this quick video!

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Hydro Jetting – A Plumbing Solution With Hydro Power

 A Plumbing Solution With Hydro PowerOops. Someone uses the bathroom and they have to wade through 2 inches of water to get out. You don’t think much of the problem, because, after all, the house has been like that for years. You’ve always had slow moving drains. But beware! This can be an indication of another more serious issue – and you ay need to call in your local Miami Dade County Florida plumbing professional.



What Can You Do About Drains that Constantly Clog?

I suspect the blockage occurs somewhere beyond the trap, because washing machine water sometimes comes out the bathtub drain. I have used foaming and non-foaming drain unblockers. This has just been money down the drain. I’ve also tried a plunger and a snake, neither of which have worked.P

Is there something else I can try or is it time to call a professional?

Slow drains can be a result of many things including slow draining sewer pipes. But what are you supposed to do about the problem, certainly not use a drain cleaner, this can cause even more problems; issues like corrosion, pipe leaks and more.

No, you don’t want to fix it yourself. You should first call in an experienced plumber  and have him inspect the problem. A simple hydro jetting process could solve the issue. And then, goodbye, slow draining pipes.

Hydro-jet cleaning

Hydro-jet cleaning is a method of cleaning with high pressure streams of water to remove build up and debris in tanks and lines. This process may best be compared to power washing which has also gained popularity as a means to clean driveways, homes, streets, commercial vehicles and more.


How Do I Get It Done?

If you think Hydro-jet cleaning is an option for you , your best option is to contact a South Florida plumbing repairman. This is not a project you want to do yourself, and instead, you should get it done by a professional plumping expert. Slow flowing drains are a real pain, but you don’t have to live with the problem any longer. New technologies allow for new repairing methods, and Hydro-jet plumbing solutions is one of these effective methods of cleaning drains of all sorts of debris.


Your Angels Camp Plumber Shares How To Install A Garbage Disposal

Angels Camp plumberDid you know that that food waste amounts to 10 to 20 percent of household waste in the United States? In fact, they are an issue when it comes to the municipal garbage disposal. And since food scraps are inevitable components of public waste, the home garbage disposal system was invented. It’s a device that’s electrically powered to grind food waste into smaller pieces so that they can then travel into the drainage pipes and then disposed into a home’s septic tank system or the local sewage treatment facility. The garbage disposer truly has a lot of environmental benefits as much as they also make our lives more convenient. So if you are planning to have one installed in your sink or if you need to replace your current machine, let us share this DIY guide with you!


1. Detach the drain pipe and the strainer from the sink. If you have a two-bowl sink, just remove the drain pipes and the strainer from the bowl where you’ll attach your garbage erator.

2. Form a snake shape with your plumbers’ putty by rolling it between your hands. Run it along the base of the machine’s flange that is included in the package. Place the same flange in the drain hole where you removed the strainer and the pipe. Secure it.

3. Attach the gasket and the mounting rings on the flange. There’s supposed to be two: upper mounting ring and lower mounting ring. Once they’re in position, attach the retaining ring, too. Secure the screws using your reliable screwdriver. Trim the excess putty that’s squeezed out from the connection and clean your sink.

4. Connect the garbage disposal system to the flange by following the user’s manual and installation guide that came with it.

5. There’s a discharge opening located at the side of the garbage disposer. Attach the discharge tube to it by utilizing a gasket or washer that’s included in the package.

6. Install the drain pipe once again. If you have a two-bowl sink, simply utilize a single P-trap by running the discharge tube from the garbage erator to a T in the drain pipe.

Important Tips Before Installation:

Don’t forget to wear protective clothing such as gloves and dust mask. Also make sure that the power is off before installation to prevent accidents. Before usage, it is wise to have a professional check on your work. This will ensure that you’ve installed the system correctly.

We hope that you found this guide helpful when installing your garbage disposal. But to guarantee proper and safe installation of your plumbing appliances, it is best to call the most trustworthy Angels Camp plumber! That’s us, Plumbers 911 California! We provide exemplary, immediate, safe and affordable Angels Camp plumbing services in Calaveras County CA including drain pipe cleaning, plumbing repair, pipe repair and many more! Call us at 800-731-1139 so we can assist you!

Want to learn how to fix a leaking garbage disposal? Watch this video!

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Arnold City Plumbing Tips For Spring Cleaning

Arnold City plumbingWe all have heard the saying that spring is a time for new beginnings. Indeed, it is a season of growth, color and life. And from this, we have coined the concept of spring cleaning. We spend hours if not days cleaning the house thoroughly regardless if we’re actually living in a cold area or the otherwise. Because it is spring and the weather is fair, we spend our time productively by doing a general and heavy-duty home cleaning. We re-arrange the furniture or get rid of things that we don’t need. Some even repaint or start home improvement projects. However, we want to know one thing. Do you even bother to check your plumbing? We hope so! Here’s a short list of tasks you might want to follow!

1. Check your taps for leaks. And when we say taps, we mean all of them. Check your kitchen faucets, outdoor faucets, tub faucets. Try them out and observe if there are leaks. If there are, have them repaired. You surely do not want to incur high fees on your utility bills moreover waste water.

2.  You have to find out if the cold season has caused burst or broken pipes. If it has, then you should have the affected pipes repaired.

3. Inspect your water heating system. Look around for signs of corrosion, moisture or leaks. Is it still heating water in a rate that it’s supposed to? If not, you might want to have it checked. Also remember to lower down the temperature. Since the weather’s no longer that cold, heating will no longer be difficult for the machine.

4. Make sure your water supply valves are working. Test them out by turning them on and off. Doing so will prevent them from getting stuck.

5. Clean your shower head. It is not impossible that debris may have built up in the past few months. Get rid these mineral deposits by using vinegar.

6. If you have a sump pump at home, test it. Pour water and then turn the pump on to ensure that it works just fine.

7. Install flood alarms. If you live in an area that’s flooded frequently, now is the perfect time to install your flood alarms.

8. Inspect your gutters and downspouts. It’s possible that animals may have taken shelter in them during the winter so you have to make sure that they’re no longer staying there.

9. Install drain screens and strainers if you don’t have any. They’ll prevent clogs which will prevent a lot of inconvenience and unwanted expenses.

We hope that these tips are valuable enough to help you on your 800-731-1139 and we’ll assist you right away!

Want to learn more spring cleaning tips? Watch this video!

Arnold City Plumbing Tips For Spring Cleaning

Excessive Water Usage – What Should You Do About It

During the summer months it is normal for you to experience higher water usage. After all it is hot outside and plants, animals and humans do require more water during this time. However, this excessive water usage could be a result of leaks, and some of these may be unseen.  To check for leaks you may want to do a meter test. The following information tells you just how to do that.

High Water Usage – – The Official City of …

High Water Usage. There are several possible reasons for this: LANDSCAPING. Waterconsumption may increase in the summer months because of the hotter, drier weather.


If you believe there is a leak,  and have conducted a meter test to prove it, you’ll need to find this leak, otherwise you could end up with further damage. A leak can eventually cause:

1. Mildew and rotting insulation

2. Damage to walls and wood frames

3. Increased humidity

4. Floor damage

To prevent this from happening you’ll want to thoroughly check for the leak. You can find guidelines for doing this, or you can take the easy but extremely reliable way out and call in a certified plumber from California.


Checking For Faucet Leaks – Plumbing – A Comprehensive Guide 

 Faucet leaks under the sink are the … Search. Plumbing … Your suggestion is on its way!


Water Damage 

When you leave leaks untreated  you face the risk of water damage, a problem that home owners dread. Water damage causes thousands of dollars in damage to furniture, upholstery, electronics, appliances and equipment. Water damage increases the risk of mold, a problem that is very difficult to fix. That’s why high water usage is an issue you shouldn’t take lightly.


Instantaneous Water Heater Care & Maintenance Tips

instantaneous water heaterAn instantaneous water heater is truly a big investment for your home. It’s not a cheap appliance that you should just install, use and neglect. You might wonder why people still buy this kind of heating system even when the price isn’t very affordable for the masses. Well, for one thing, it saves a lot of money on operational cost. Since it only produces hot water by demand, it uses less energy. It’s also great for people who want to keep their basements spacious because the system doesn’t have a bulky tank. Last not but the least, when it is taken care of properly, it can last for about 25 years. It sounds very durable, right? With this said, let us share with you some tips on proper tankless water heater care and maintenance.

1. Watch out for the accumulation of mineral deposits on your hot water heater because such buildup may cause your system to overheat. You can prevent this by attaching a water softener to your water source which will be responsible for decreasing the level of calcium or lime accumulation.

2. Flush your instantaneous water heater once every 6 months or annually. You can either do this by yourself or you may ask a professional to do it for you to ensure that no problem will arise later.

3. To avoid freezing your system during cold weather, make sure that its anti-freeze feature is working properly.

4. If you use your clothes washer or dishwasher often, it is wise to just have a separate demand water heater installed for these appliances. This way, even if you use them at the same time as someone is taking a shower, the water heater won’t be pushed to its limit. The only issue is that you would have to shell out money on another heating system.

5. If you have a faucet or shower that doesn’t let out water well, check them. It’s possible that sediments have already accumulated in the shower head or aerator. Once you confirm this, clean them up and you may want to check on your water softener again.

We hope that you found these maintenance tips useful. Should you need water heater service in California, there’s no need to find the best Copperopolis plumbing experts in Calaveras County! Just call us at Plumbers 911 California! We provide top-notch Copperopolis CA plumbing services including septic tank care, kitchen plumbing appliance installation and many more! Reach us at 800-731-1139!

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What Methods Are Used On Underground Pipe Repair?

underground pipe repairUnderground pipe repair sounds like a difficult job. It is partly for the reason that an underground pipe is not as accessible as the ones attached to the walls of your house or lying around in the lawn. Since accessibility is challenging, application of repair solutions, quick fixes or even diagnosis require special tools and equipment. To be able to diagnose a buried pipe, plumbing companies use top-of-the-line cameras that allow plumbers to see inside the lines. Using high-tech camera locators, breaks, clogs, root intrusions and other problems are detected.

Signs That You Need A Pipe Repair

How would you know that a pipe repair is needed in your home? Well, there are plenty of signs to watch out for and they include but aren’t limited to these things below.

    • Your drainage overflows
    • Waste doesn’t get flushed down the drain
    • Water recedes slowly in your drains
    • There’s bad odor coming out from sewers, drains and pipes
    • Recurring blockages
    • You have rusted or broken pipes and dislocated joints
    • Your pipes are really old
    • Jet cleaning doesn’t get rid of the blockages

Types Of Underground Pipe Repair

There are several repair options when fixing an underground pipe. In general, it could either be trenchless or the traditional dig-and-replace method. Trenchless pipe repair doesn’t involve excavation or digging that often leads to damages in your house, your driveway or in your garden landscape. The traditional repair meanwhile involves excavation to be able to reach the pipe. Once it is accessible, replacement or repair may already be done.

When it comes to trenchless pipe repair, there are several options to choose from:

  • Cured-in-place-piping (CIPP) – The CIPP method involves pulling or inverting a tube made of polyester, fiberglass cloth or suitable material into a damaged pipe with the use of air pressure or water.
  • Pipe bursting – Pipe bursting is another trenchless technology that involves breaking the pipe from the inside in order to force the fragments outside and then drawing a new pipe in as a replacement.
  • Mechanical spot repair – This method involves applying fixes on damaged areas in order to give the pipe renewed stability.
  • Slip-lining – Slip-lining is used in repairing leaks or restoring the stability of existing pipelines. This method involves installing a smaller carrier pipe — usually made from PVC, fiberglass reinforced pipe or high density polyethylene — into a bigger host pipe, applying grout on the space between the two and then sealing the ends. This could be done in segments or continuously.

We hope that you learned a lot about underground pipe repair from this article. And should you need assistance with plumbing projects like this, just look for local Angels Camp plumbers in Calaveras County! Plumbers 911 California provides excellent Angels Camp CA pipe repair services as well as septic tank systems repair and maintenance, drain line inspection, commercial drain cleaning and many more!  Call us now at 800-731-1139 and we’ll help you out!

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Katy Sewer Repair Contractors at One Call Services Announce Fall Discount on Sewer Service for $50 Off in Katy TX

Usually, many of us have encounter leaking pipe lines and sewages in either our households and even on the roads. Many of us will acknowledge this has perhaps been caused by very poor plumbing programs which unfortunately don’t have consistent maintenance and fixes. Restoring faulty piping both domestically or commercially often can be be extremely expensive. Moreover, these issues could have been brought on by bad repairs and maintenance and use of non – professional plumbing contractors and technicians and who are the main part masquerading around town in the title for being skilled. The next time you do have a issue with your plumbing system, make sure you have performed an in depth research of the technician you plan to use.

Katy sewer repair company One Call Services announces coupon for $50 off sewer service in Katy expiring November 30, 2014. (PRWeb March 23, 2014) Read the full story at…Katy Sewer Repair Contractors at One Call Services Announce Fall Discount on Sewer Service for $50 Off in Katy TX

Ultimately, a lot of facts has been written for you as to what to perform in your inadequate and leaking water system. Additionally it is crucial that you possess some technical understanding regarding how to handle the same in case the problem is an unexpected emergency.

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Give Your Home Interior A Makeover With These Quick Tips

More often than not, most of us have stumble upon leaking pipe joints and sewages either in our properties or maybe on the highway. Some of us will concur that it has probably been caused by very poor plumbing methods which often don’t have frequent servicing and improvements. Reconstructing busted piping either locally or commercially oftentimes can be quite costly. Additionally, all these issues has been brought on by very poor servicing and use of non – qualified plumbing contractors and specialists and that are the majority pretending in town in the title of being qualified. Next time you have a problem with your water system, ensure you have done a comprehensive research of the technician you would like to work with.

There are many different reasons to pursue interior decorating, from cleaning up a cluttered home to choosing the perfect finishing touch for a room. Interior planning has the potential to be an overwhelming subject, but if you get the right guidance, you will be amazed at how really simple it can be to perfect the […]…Give Your Home Interior A Makeover With These Quick Tips

Now you got the data on what you are suggested to carry out and the techniques you should make to attend to a plumbing issue. With this article, we gave you excellent ideas that can assist save you in desperate situations of flooding water as well as a leaking water line. However, it’s also vital that you have the simple equipment in your own home. Keep in mind, being ready for any kind of unanticipated scenario is seriously a must! What are you waiting for? Go inspect your own plumbing system now!

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